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Opulence Alliance EventsExperiential Body Language Workshop

Presented by Leo Trenker
Founder and Director of Inner Communications Unlimited Training Center

Presenting at 12:30pm

ABOUT LEO’S PRESENTATION – Communication is the key to everything. Research shows that words alone only hold 7 percent of the total impact of a message being sent, 33 percent is in the tone of voice, while 60 percent is in body language — all key factors that are being sweltered by modern communication technology such as email, Instant Messaging, Social Media and cell phones.

With body language attaining 60 percent, why are we choosing to communicate with each other from behind a screen of some kind, with little to no personal interaction…and becoming fully reliant upon it? Having said that, have you ever met a person you wish you could understand better in a short period of time? Would it not be more useful to recognize where their conversation is being based from, be it a “Thought”, “Emotion” or an “Action”? This simple exercise can be seen at “Face Value”, simply by reading one’s face and/or body language.

In Leo’s experiential workshop, you have the opportunity to learn how to recognize where another person might be coming from by the way they express themselves through the use of the unspoken word. Reading one’s body language is the key to deeper communication.

Opulence Alliance Events

Hormones – A Blessing, Not a Curse!

Presented by Sam Tattersall
Owner of Mamaita’s Journey

Presenting at 1:30

ABOUT SAM’S PRESENTATION – Join Sam for this eye opening ‘Girl Talk’ that celebrates the journey of being a woman. Explore why those darned HORMONES are so powerful. Learn to embrace their magic. Change your perspective and embrace your womanhood.

Through each of our life cycles, hormones influence our being with their power to change, create and inspire. Yes…INSPIRE. Learn how to honour and celebrate your rite of passage and appreciate this divine blessing – and as a result, pass through each life stage with grace and ease.

As Sam draws upon her 30 year medical career together with her complimentary and spiritual gifts, prepare to be empowered!

Opulence Alliance EventsElixir Crafting Live Demo – Amp Up Your Smoothies!

Presented by Malcolm Saunders
Owner of The Light Cellar

Presenting at 2:30pm

ABOUT MALCOLM’S PRESENTATION – The smoothie has become a mainstay in the lives of many as a choice delivery system for key and desired nutrients. Smoothies have revolutionized the way we approach food and nutrition by offering a quick, easy and convenient way to pack in and deliver nutrients for the modern, active lifestyle. However, there is a revolution underway which has the potential for you to upgrade your smoothie to the next level. Imagine creating a drink with the ease and convenience you do your smoothie but now delivers the world’s best super foods and super herbs in a warm beverage like tea or coffee – this is the Elixir.

Elixirs can be both energizing and nourishing as well as balancing. They are a delicious and customizable approach for on-the-go nutrition to support you in your lifestyle. Join Malcolm Saunders, owner and creative visionary of The Light Cellar, for a session to learn about elixirs. What are they? Why and how are they so special? And most importantly, how you can begin crafting your own elixirs at home. In this presentation you will learn the basic template for creating your own healing and energizing super drinks called an elixir. Samples will be provided for your experience.


ABOUT LEO TRENKER – Born and raised in Alberta, Leo grew up with parents of European decent (Greek and Austrian).  After managing a kitchen in two different restaurants, Leo went onto working in a metal fabrication shop as a welder/fabricator.  This gave him the opportunity to work with the public and clientele for over 20 years.  At the same time, he also operated his own business in Custom Stainless Steel Accessories ranging from jewelry to custom motorcycle and car parts.  These experiences of working with people from a variety of social backgrounds proved valuable to him.  He noticed that a number of people tend to struggle in their lives, personally and professionally.  He realized that one needs to communicate honestly with oneself before positive communication can occur with others.

Knowing this, Leo enrolled in self-help courses where he had the honor of being introduced to the world of Psychosomatics (Body/Mind Communication). Leo realized he found what he was looking for and continued on to receive his Practitioner’s Certificate III in the field of Psychosomatics plus his Master Practitioner’s Certificate and Diploma in Psychosomatics and holds the designation of “Registered In Human Relations” with the Canadian Examining Board. Leo has obtained his goal and continues to grow with the desire to help others by sharing his knowledge and working with individuals wishing to learn a new understanding of communication.  His ability to help people understand themselves and communicate with others has been paramount in their growth.

With the warmth from his heart, he will help guide you through this exciting transition to a wonderful understanding and way of being.  It doesn’t matter what work you do or what your belief system is, he will work with you to attain a healthy Body/Mind.

“As you learn, so do I, for one never stops learning while we are still alive.”

ABOUT SAM TATTERSALL – Sam is a certified Angel Empowerment Practitioner, Certified AEP Hands on Healing Practitioner, Usui Reiki Master, Certified Higher Priestess Practitioner – Level 1, Desire Map Workshop Facilitator, Certified 21 Day Sugar Detox Coach and an Integrative Health Coach. She has over 30 years experience as a clinical professional and health care provider. Her passion is to empower individuals to make changes in their lives that will bring them optimal health and happiness. She helps you connect with your inner self to enable connection with the core feelings you have buried deep within your soul, helping you to remove the layers that life wraps you in, and revealing to you the direction you need to take in your life journey so that you can heal, grow and evolve.

Originating from her many years working as a Midwife, Sam has become a huge advocate for women, recognizing the amazing gifts women have as a body when brought together to empower and enrich one another’s lives. She truly believes ‘Women are Power’ and her sheer joy is to empower and facilitate connection with the Divine Feminine.

Sam is proud to be one of the first 19 students to become a Certified AEP Hands on Healing Practitioner. One of the first in Canada… the World! This truly integrative modality, developed by Cindy Smith, founder of the Angel Empowerment Practitioner Program and Dr. Carl Le Roux, a Family Practitioner from Saskatchewan. Sam works on the Physical, Spiritual and the Power of the Human Mind, using the sense of touch to flow healing energy, an aspect of her clinical practice that she has relied upon for over 30 years. Using clinical language that speaks to the conscious mind, to feed the subconscious mind, this innovative healing makes complete scientific and spiritual sense, satisfying all the curiosities Sam has witnessed in her 30 plus years as a health care provider.

Sam’s healing sessions and readings empower you to connect with the Angelic Realm and the Divine Feminine, facilitating your communication with your own Angel Team and goddesses and your inner self. Each healing and reading session is unique to you, and helps you gain a clearer understanding of what is happening in your life now and guide you in making positive and sustainable changes so that you can move forward on your life journey more positively.

ABOUT MALCOLM SAUNDERS – Malcolm Saunders mission is to deeply connect people to their food. He has worked in the field of food and nutrition for 20 years as a chef, trainer, formulator and educator and is the owner & creative visionary of The Light Cellar. Malcolm is also a public speaker and intuitive chef who specializes in sharing the alchemy of superfoods and superherbs. Through his videos, workshops and seminars he has helped thousands of individuals recreate their relationship to food. He has an expertise and passion for creating and teaching others how to make energizing and healing food, including raw chocolate, elixirs and ferments.

Malcolm’s desire is to inspire others to live and eat from a space that honours the sacredness of all Life, illuminating the power of influence our food choices have on ourselves, other beings, and the planet we live on. Malcolm has created events and shared the stage with world-renown speakers including David Wolfe, Daniel Vitalis, Sandor Katz, Nadine Artemis, Dr. Terry Willard and more.

At The Light cellar, his mission is to inspire the human experience by using food as a vehicle to raise the collective consciousness. Malcolm and his colleagues supply the highest quality super foods, herbs, medicinal mushrooms, raw chocolate, fermented foods, tonics and elixirs as well as classes for empowering educational experiences designed to enlighten your culinary abilities and expand your perceptions about food and nutrition. You will not only gain access to a diverse selection of many products including raw chocolates and elixirs, but also receive expert advise on their benefits. May You Be Nourished with Light.

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