xfrbdeThe home I am currently living in is actually the first home I ever purchased. That was in 2001. From the day I bought through to right up until now this “abode” has been the foundation of both my personal and professional life…

Looking back to when I bought this first property, I remember I practically drove my Realtor mad from being so indecisive. Although we viewed many homes that had exceptional layouts in ideal locations, I was having trouble seeing “me” in the space. I never did officially voice that feeling, however my Realtor eventually figured it out. She changed the face of our search by simply stating: “Illiki, are you looking for a home, or an office?”

That was a brilliant observation because, in essence, my Realtor had pinned down the issue. At the same time I was pursuing to buy a home, I had also just vacated from a business centre off of 17th avenue, resulting in my company literally being operated out of a box!

I can still clearly see the layout of a couple of the other homes I favorited. If I were to be viewing them presently, I probably would prefer either of them as opposed to the one I actually bought — but back then my “rose color glasses” were set on a place that could primarily accommodate a waiting room, a board room, and an office, without exposing my personal space.

The reason I chose the home I did is now very apparent. It was the space that displayed sparse furniture and the least typical home belongings, which allowed me to visualize my “office” in conjunction with a “living” space. I now suspect it had been professionally staged.

I also need to note that the house I bought — which is townhouse — was considered “over-priced” compared to similar units. And at the time I bought, there were several similar units to choose from.

Is Home Staging effective. From my above experience, absolutely!

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