Cochrane MADE Artisan Christmas Markets

Sat/Sun – Nov 25/26
Sat/Sun – Dec 2/3
**Check your daytimer and original application to revist the date you are exhibiting. The email you received with this move-in guideline link will also display your event dates.

Cochrane Lions Event Centre
109 Fifth Ave, Cochrane

Saturdays – 10:00am to 4:00pm
Sundays – 10:00am to 3:00pm

VENDOR MOVE-IN: (all dates)
Sat – Nov 25 – Between 7:30 am and 9:30 am
Sat – Dec 2 – Between 7:30 am and 9:30 am
   ***Please ARRIVE BEFORE 9:30am! If you have not arrived by 9:30am, your stall will be taken down and neighbouring retailers will take your space. Like you, show management also needs time to prep for when doors open to the public.

SUNDAY MORNING PRE-PREP: (doors open to the PUBLIC at 10:00am)
Sun – Nov 26 – Doors will be open for retailers at 9:00am
Sun – Dec 3 – Doors will be open for retailers at 9:00am


— 10-foot x 10-foot designated space
— ONE eight-foot table and ONE chair  (more chairs are available in the storage area at the north end of the hall)

** You can bring in extra display units, grid walls, outdoor canopy frames, etc — please ensure that all other props you bring are free-standing as there are no actual solid walls to lean anything against!
**Battery operated lights are highly recommended to add the “WOW” factor to your display
** Banners CANNOT be hung in the hall – whatsoever!

— Table linens —- bring your own and make sure they cover to the floor on all sides to hide your storage containers!
— Electricity – unless you pre-booked. For those who booked electricity, please ensure that you bring at least two eight-foot extension cords and a power cord.


MOVE-IN PROTOCOL: Bring your own dollies!

OPTION 1 – EARLY ARRIVERS! (plenty of parking in the back of the venue)

  1. ARRIVE EARLY to snap up one of the parking stalls located at the back of the Lions Event Centre – located WEST of the building. SEE MAP below to access the lot.
  2. When you arrive —- check in with our “Vendor Registration Team” located in the hall at the south main entrance of the venue. Once you register, you will be given your stall number.

OPTION 2 – If all stalls in back of building are full, but there should be plenty in the back

  1. When you arrive, you may TEMPORARILY park your vehicle in the PARKING STALLS on the south side of the Cochrane Lions Event Centre. SEE MAP below.
  2. ****NOTE – Do NOT parking in the stalls directly in front of the building as these stalls belong to the Butchery Block customers only. Any vehicles left parked in these stalls will be ticketed and towed!
  3. When you arrive —- check in with our “Vendor Registration Team” located in the hall at the south main entrance of the venue. Once you register, you will be given your stall number.
  4. Next – move all your items needed from your vehicle to your stall and MOVE YOUR VEHICLE to the far stalls on the west side of the entire parking lot to allow our visitors a convenient shopping experience.



Show management with stay onsite to ensure the doors are locked once all visitors and retailers have left the building.

Although the doors are locked — the Cochrane Lions have access to the building at any time.

To ensure you are not a victim of theft (which could also happen by early arriving retailers on the Sunday) — BRING EXTRA TABLE CLOTHS to cover all your products — and take any valuables home with you.


ONE ATM is available inside the hall lobby. If it goes out of service, there are plenty of bank ATM’s in the immediate area.  Only accepting cash isn’t an idea scenario – have your square readers charged and ready for action.


wifi: event centre guest
password: smartwifi1

*** The signal isnt the best in the hall once all retailers log in.  Plan to run your on data as a plan B.


Bring your own or buy from the retailers onsite.


You are required to keep your area clean at all times. The recycle and garbage bins are conveniently located outside on the west side of the venue.

Any debris left after you move out will be reported as littering pending a fine through the Town of Cochrane and/or the Cochrane Lions Event Centre. BRING YOUR OWN GARBAGE BAGS!!


The events run until 3:00pm on Sunday OR a few minutes later if visitors are still shopping.

Don’t be a jerk by attempting to tear down early!  You are disrupting all the other professional retailers and late arriving visitors!  This type of conduct will automatically ban you from all future events.


And just so we are all on the same page —- let’s have a quick chat about cancellations just because this seems to be not taken seriously.  As you are fully aware – there are no refunds whatsoever. For reference, VISIT HERE to refresh on the binding contract terms you agreed upon to when applying.


Opulence Alliance Events is only available BY PHONE from 11:00am to 3:00pm the week of the event at 403 608-3710 —– meaning no emails, texting or Social Media PM’s will be addressed.

See you soon!


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