Exhibitor Guidelines (Copywrite)

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Enchanted Psychic Faire & Metaphysical Market

Located in the upper parking lot at the Marda Loop Community Hall
3130 – 16th Street SW Calgary

Saturday, July 18th, 2020

Open to the public from 10:30am to 4:00pm

The show will run rain or shine, so get your weatherproofing in order!  And no! there are no refunds or credit if we get rained out or experience an unsatisfactory visitor attendance.


To eliminate chaos, you will be receiving a specific time to arrive for your move-in via email the week of the event.

Because we now have vehicles and tents to consider, we have created a schedule that will consist of 5 vehicles setting up at a time, allowing us to make space adjustments if needed.

Your timeslot will be somewhere between 8:00am and 9:30am – be ready in advance so you arrive exactly on time.


Each vendor will receive a designated space consisting of 2.5 parking stalls. This is approx 22.5 feet.

One stall will be designated for your vehicle, leaving a stall and a half to set up your canopy.

You will be supplied ONE eight-foot table and ONE chair.

We are not supplying table linens for sanitary reasons.

Use your vehicle to store your containers and debris.


Your canopy must meet the following:

1)  Must be 10 feet x 10 feet MAXIMUM

2)  Must meet CPAI-84 specifications.  You may have to thoroughly check the exterior and interior of the travel bag and/or the actual canopy cover of the brand you have to find a similar tag displayed below.  If the Fire Department shows up to do an inspection, you must be able to prove this “code” to avoid having to take your tent down and/or receive a hefty fine!

3)  MUST be weighted down on ALL FOUR SIDES by a MINIMUM of 20 POUNDS/leg Cinder blocks or sandbags – and rope – are standard protocol.  TIE IT DOWN!! to avoid liability damages to your neighboring vehicle, visitors, you and your products!

YOUR RESPONSIBILITIES – guidelines dictated by Alberta.ca 

A market stall is considered its OWN PLACE  OF BUSINESS, comparable to retail outlets in a shopping centre.  Any business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic is legally obligated to put measures in place that prevent the spread of infection amongst staff, volunteers and customers.

Follow all mandatory measures set out in the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s orders. Consider additional steps, including:

– Performing frequent hand hygiene
– Creating barriers (e.g. glass or plastic partitions) between patrons and workers
– Eliminating food sampling
– Preventing customers from gathering
– Asking customers to refrain from handling products and to point out the items they want bagged by staff
– Wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE), such as masks (see the PPE section in Workplace Guidance for Business Owners) as required
– Follow cleaning and disinfecting practices described in the workplace guidelines, including regular sanitation of any stall surfaces and equipment touched by workers and patrons
– Take precautions at the point of sale to reduce transmission
– Physically distance workers from patrons or install physical barriers
– Sanitize electronic keypads after each use
– Minimize the handling of money
– Ensure gloves are available for workers handling cash
– Update business return policies to prevent the risk of transmission of COVID-19. This may include eliminating returns of purchased goods (i.e. final sale only) or storing and cleaning items before they are put out for resale

Most of the above are self-explanatory, and we respect that YOU are making a serious effort to initiate ironclad precautions to ensure your safety, the safety of our vendor community, and the safety of our visitors. 

We are all very fortunate to have received approval to run this event, and the outcome will be used as an example of its success to help our province further initiate stronger relaunch strategies for more public events.

BE PHENOMENAL at reducing social contact in all aspects while exhibiting!

AND — keep yourself informed daily at Alberta.ca 


Follow are measures set out by your event coordinators – Opulence Alliance Events and EnchantedYYC:

As a business operating during the COVID-19 pandemic you are legally obligated to put measures in place that prevent the spread of infection amongst staff, volunteers and customers.

>>>>You need to fully understand that in an environment that houses multiple “vendors”, whether that be in an outdoor space or enclosed, your event coordinators are attempting to instill safety guidelines that cover a multitude of personal requirements.  In reality, however, mass compliance is difficult.  Hence, we expect you to take responsibility for your own personal health concerns by wearing appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) specific to your needs.


We prefer that you do not accept cash, but this is entirely up to you.  All our media campaigns will be notifying the public that there will be no cash sales, so get your POS in order.


We prefer TWO PEOPLE PER BOOTH MAX, and expect that you will be leaving your kidlets at home.

You are responsible for appropriate personal protective equipment (PPE) for you and your staff.

If you feel “under the weather” STAY HOME!!!  And NO! you will not receive a refund or a credit.

If our security staff suspect that you or your staff are “unwell”, or witness suspect conduct that compromises the safety of our exhibitor community and/or our visitors, you and your staff will be escorted from the premises and reported.

If a visitor displays suspect conduct, please inform our staff immediately.  This includes visitors who are attempting to enter off the side streets or through the park.  IT IS VITAL that we insure 50 visitors MAX through the show at all times. Your support is much appreciated!


All visitors will be required to sanitize their hands at our registration before they enter the show.

However, you MUST have a HAND sanitizer (preferable GEL) available on your table.  We suggest you have one designated for your guests and a second for your own personal use.  Sanitize your sanitizer frequently!

PLEASE CONSIDER THE TOXICITY of the products you are purchasing.  Although now termed “Crisis-Grade” hand sanitizer (for example, the pop-up brands being produced by the breweries), these products are lethal to our respiratory system!

You have plenty of time before the event to snap up higher-quality brands that meet the 60% + alcohol content.  Many retailers (ie Walmart) have them “behind the counter” so you may have to ask to access.

If you want to take a peek at videos and documents AHS has supplied on HAND sanitizing, CLICK THROUGH HERE


Sanitizing WIPES are currently impossible to find, expensive and toxic.

We have had two alternatives presented to us — please make your decision based on your needs, and PLEASE CONSIDER THE TOXICITY of the products you are purchasing if you are accessing other brands:

This alternative has been shared by a Calgary nurse and is the protocol they use at our hospitals.  This is also very inexpensive and eliminates the waste footprint on our Mother Earth.

YYC Wipes offers 40-wipe packs, available for purchase for $12 (min order of 2) which includes free Calgary delivery.  Please note that we have not tested this product and make no claims to endorse it.

No bleach, please!! This is an outdoor event and you liable for all damages you may incur.


At this juncture, both are not mandatory and 100% your responsibility.

We suggest you keep well informed with the Chief Medical Officer of Health’s orders.  If Dr. H makes the call that masks are mandatory, so be it. Stay informed on Alberta.ca 


You are required to keep your area clean at all times.  Any debris left after you move out will be reported as littering pending a fine through the City of Calgary.


Our staff has already had a one-on-one cell conversation with you regarding your responsibility for protecting the public and protecting your precious products — so at this juncture, we trust that you have an ironclad protocol in place as this is your responsibility as an independent business.

You will be receiving ONE 8 foot x 2.5-foot standard hall table without a linen.  It is your decision as to draping your table (or not) — this is dependant on your individual sanitization requirements.

We will be supplying ONE CHAIR per booth.  Feel free to bring your own extra chair if you require a second.  Note again, that we would appreciate only two staff per booth, and no kidlets.

You may bring extra tables and display props — however, keep your public contact and sanitization requirements in check.  At this juncture, AHS is requiring distancing to be 6 (six) feet apart in STILL SETTINGS (such as restaurants).  In a public market setting, as long as you keep the traffic flowing, you are able to perform standard “retail” distancing.

As this event is outdoors, plan for all-weather conditions —- to ensure your display and products are secure through any element (ie wind).

Weatherproofing — please refer to the requirements for your canopy above.

Display protocol to consider:

1)  Do you have a considerate protocol in place to prevent customers from gathering?

2)  How are you arranging your products to ensure minimal public contact and endless sanitization?

3)  Are you taking considerate attention to the toxicity of your choice of sanitization products? 

4)  Will the sanitization wipes you are using damage your product?

5)  Do you have the perfect plan in place for utilizing your vehicle as your inventory locker should it rain resulting in immediate tear-down?

6)  Do you have masks, gloves, hand sanitizer solution, wipes, and garbage bags ready to go?

7)  Should you have personal health concerns (ie allergies, respiratory, etc) do you have appropriate protective equipment (PPE) in place?

8) Is your display weatherproof?  Ie wind, rain, blazing sun


Please pack your own lunch!!  Although we have coordinated food service for the public, note that they are located OUTSIDE the upper parking lot — meaning that if you leave your designated booth you will have to wait in line to re-enter.


The washrooms will be located within the hall.  The entrance will be monitored for “body count” so expect delays.  We will try to give exhibitors a “medi pass” when possible!!!

Questions?   Please CALL 403 608-3710. We are available from 11am to 7pm Tuesday through Saturday.

Keep posted for updates —- and see you soon!


Opulence Alliance and the Marda Loop Community Hall shall be excused from the performance of any obligation hereunder inclusive of refunding, to the extent that such obligation is hindered/prevented by any strike, boycott, lockout, or other labour dispute, act of God, any riot, civil disturbance, act of terrorism, war or of the public enemy; any epidemic as identified by the Medical Office of Health, inclimate weather, any fire or theft, any present or future governmental law, ordinance, rule or regulation or any other cause or contingency inclusive of unexplainable visitor traffic numbers beyond Show Managements control.

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